Maybe Debate Moderators Need Some Ideas for Questions on LGBT Issues?

By Lucas Grindley

Originally published on October 16 2012 11:40 PM ET

With the third debate of the election now over, LGBT voters are left facing the possibility none of their questions will get answered. Just one debate remains, and it's supposed to focus on foreign policy.

Jim Lehrer of PBS barely got a question in during the first debate. ABC News' Martha Raddatz asked a range of questions of the vice-presidential candidates, but none on LGBT issues, and then CNN's Candy Crowley selected questions from a town hall audience and threw in a few follow-ups without any LGBT issues coming up.

But it's not like there is a dearth of good questions. Ahead of the start of Tuesday's debate, we asked our Twitter followers for a few of their burning questions. Here's some of what LGBT readers suggested asking if they had been part of the town hall audience selected by Gallup.


@theadvocatemag What actions will you take as president to ensure that LGBT military families are treated equally, with equal benefits?

— Vicki Hudson (@vickigeist) October 16, 2012


@theadvocatemag "As president, how will you respond to the criminalization of #LGBT people worldwide?"

— Tile (@tileceleste) October 16, 2012


@theadvocatemag Regardless of your support or same-sex marriage, do you believe LGBT people around the world deserve equal human rights?

— Jonathan Lipton (@jklipton) October 16, 2012


@theadvocatemag Do you support the British PM Cameron'sidea of cutting aid to countries that criminalize homosexuality?

— Yovan (@Zmaj18) October 16, 2012


@theadvocatemag I have two actually: Should the government do more to protect our children from bullying and cyber-bullying?

— Michael War (@MichaelWar1) October 16, 2012


@theadvocatemag Now that DADT has been repealed successfully what do you say to the opponents who predicted dire consequences?

— JL (@jlsalaska) October 16, 2012


@theadvocatemag Mr. Romney, u say u will make USA better for all. what'll u do specifically for the glbt community 2 make our lives better?

— Scott Hossner (@ScottHossner) October 16, 2012


@theadvocatemag What does each candidate think of hate laws? Do they see any constitutional contradictions re: free speech?

— RYAN ROSS (@RYROSS) October 16, 2012


@theadvocatemag What will you do to advance equality and protection for transgender ppl?#uspoli

— B.Jones-Vaillancourt (@BrynDartCentre) October 17, 2012