Stuff to Look at While You Wait for Results

By Editors

Originally published on November 06 2012 4:51 PM ET

Filling in the map on ice, one state at a time at Rockefeller Center.

Results on ice at Rockefeller Center in New York City. editor Tracy Gilchrist voted.

Editor in chief Matthew Breen voted.

Charlie encourages you to vote.

Dale in finance voted.

Recent Artist Spotlight focus Harwood Lee

Comedian Jason Dudey voted.

Oscar Quintero voted...what about Kay Sedilla?

Paul Murillo voted.

Former IT director Stephen Suess took this picture of the line at the polls.

Ken Rambo voted, but we don't recommend driving like that.

A&E contrbutor Jeremy Kinser voted.

Jeff in finance voted.

Gregory Dupree voted.

Paul Sessa voted, with a flag and everything.

Waiyde Palmer posted this image.