Wife of Amendment One Architect Makes it A Racial Issue

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on Advocate.com May 02 2012 7:48 PM ET


A poll worker allegedly overheard Jodie Brunstetter, whose husband Sen. Peter Brunstetter wrote Amendment One, as she spoke with opponents of the marriage amendment. The poll worker informed Chad Nance, a campaign manager for a congressional candidate, about Jodie Brunstetter's conversation. 
“During the conversation, Ms. Brunstetter said her husband was the architect of Amendment 1, and one of the reasons he wrote it was to protect the Caucasian race," Nance said in Yes Weekly, an alternative publication. "She said Caucasians or whites created this country. We wrote the Constitution. This is about protecting the Constitution. There already is a law on the books against same-sex marriage, but this protects the Constitution from activist judges.” 
When Nance attempted to confront Brunstetter on her remarks, she said she could not remember her exact words, but argued that marriages between same-sex couples could not yield any children.