Colorado Pastor Bob Enyart Dumps Starbucks Coffee Into Sewer

By Neal Broverman

Originally published on May 16 2012 2:04 PM ET

In what can be described as a "dur moment," antigay preacher Bob Enyart proclaimed his dislike for Starbucks's support of marriage equality by buying coffee at the chain and then dumping it down the sewer.

Enyart, a pastor at the Denver Bible Church, filmed a video of him pouring a paid venti Pike coffee down a city sewer, since Starbucks is "trying to take our whole country down the sewer" by proclaiming support for same-sex marriage. Enyart says he and his supporters will now get their coffee at McDonald's. Watch the video below.

The National Organization for Marriage tried to boycott Starbucks — as opposed to contributing to their business — because of the company's inclusiveness, but that went over as well as Enyart's videotaped dumping.