WATCH: What Do John Waters, Sandra Bernhard Think About Marriage Equality?

By Jeremy Kinser

Originally published on September 18 2012 3:22 PM ET

Lending their voices to the campaign for marriage equality, Sandra Bernhard says it's an issue that should not be up for debate, while filmmaker John Waters jokes that he's ready to support making heterosexual divorce illegal.

"Marriage equality is a must," Bernhard offers. "This is a country where everybody contributes and pays taxes so there should be equality for everyone. It's not even up for debate or question."

Waters is more philosophical. "It's so hard to find anybody to fall in love with," he states, before asking, "Why would anyone be upset that someone found someone to fall in love with and they want to marry — why would anyone care about that?" Waters then cracks that he'd also support making heterosexual divorce illegal.

The two entertainers express their views for The Four, a campaign aimed at helping achieve marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington — states which have marriage ballot initiatives in the November election.

Watch Bernhard and Waters speak about equality below.