Ed Miliband
WATCH: Labour Party Leader Makes It Clear He Favors Marriage Equality

By Lucas Grindley

Originally published on Advocate.com September 27 2012 3:10 PM ET

With England well into the debate about whether to make marriage equality the law, Labour Party leader Ed Miliband is making it clear what his views are in a new video.

The message is part of the Out4Marriage campaign, for which actor Hugh Grant also recently recorded a video. Milband portrays same-sex marriage as important to religious freedom.

"I think whatever you are, gay or straight, you should be able to signify your commitment, your love, with the term marriage," he said. "We will be pushing the government to get on with the process of legislating for equal marriage, and we'll also be saying to them, that where faith groups want to provide that opportunity for gay couples as well as straight couples, they should be able to do so."

Miliband said passing marriage equality is important to "being a modern country and the kind of country I believe in."

Watch the video below.