New Polls Highlight Catholic, National Support for Marriage Equality

By Sunnivie Brydum

Originally published on December 05 2012 7:47 PM ET

Two polls released today provide further evidence that Americans are increasingly accepting of their LGBT friends and neighbors, and believe they should be afforded the same rights as straight citizens.

A national poll conducted by Quinnipiac found that while general voters are still divided on the issue of marriage equality, with 48% percent in favor and 46% opposed, 49% of white Catholics support marriage equality. 

A pair of USA Today/Gallup polls released today also found growing public support for marriage equality by 53%. The poll found broad support for legal rights for same-sex couples, and that a majority of Americans support same-sex marriage and adoption. Of those surveyed, more than a third said their views about LGBT people had changed over the course of their lives.

USA Today also surveyed self-identified gay men and lesbians, 75% of whom said they were "generally open" about their sexual orientation. More than 90% of LGBT people surveyed said their community has become more accepting in recent years, according to USA Today. 

Both findings are consistent with recent studies indicating a shift in public opinion toward allowing gay and lesbian Americans the freedom to marry, adopt, and serve in the military.