PHOTOS: Portland Couples Have One Word for Their Marriages

By Editors

Originally published on January 03 2013 12:55 PM ET

When same-sex couples getting married in Maine had to describe their partners in one word, their answers were touching not only for their sincerity but also for showing what's ordinary about LGBT relationships.

Last Friday, Sam Ferrigno of traveled to Portland to witness some of Maine’s first same-sex marriages. He approached 14 couples with sketch pads, asked them to first write down how long they’ve been together and then to describe each other with a single word.

Photos were snapped as the couples revealed their answers to their mates and the results were wonderful. Ferrigno collected his images and put them together in a photo essay, which appeared first on HooplaHa, a new site dedicated to spreading smiles and positivity. It is meant to inspire, inform, enlighten, engage and above all entertain.

See the photos on the following pages.

First photographed were Lucie Bauer (left) and Annie Kiermaier, who had been married in 2008 and came to City Hall to celebrate that their marriage is now recognized in their home state.


Next were Shari Russell (left) and Sandy Duhamel.

Inside City Hall are Suzanne Blackburn (left) and Joanie Kunian.

Next in line were Chris Kast (left) and Byron Bartlett.

Michael Snell (left) and Steven Bridger happily took to the sketchpads and went on to become the first couple officially married under the new law.

Wendy West (left) and Rebecca Leeman were positively giddy when asked to participate.

Roberta Batt (left) and Mary Donaldson.

Up next were Steven Jones (left) and Jamous Lizotte – two men who might go down in history as the first gay, wreath-crowned couple to get married in Maine.

Jeff Burdick (left) and Josh Laton.

Jen Stuart (left) and Jillian Farrell.

Marie Francis (left) and her partner Carrie.

And finally, Allegra Hirsh and Robin Wright.