WATCH: Jared Polis Decries Spending Taxpayer Dollars to Defend DOMA

By Sunnivie Brydum

Originally published on January 04 2013 3:40 PM ET

Out gay father and Colorado Democrat Rep. Jared Polis had some harsh words on the first day of the 113th Congress for House Republicans who continue to spend taxpayer money protecting the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. 

Thus far, the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group, created to defend DOMA in court after the Obama administration announced it would not do so back in 2011, has already cost taxpayers $1.7 million, and was approved for further spending on Thursday.

“House Republicans in this rule are seeking to authorize lawyer fees for a costly federal takeover of marriage that would single out legally married couples for discriminatory treatment under federal law," said Polis in his speech on the House floor. "At least when Democrats spend money, we build roads and bridges, educate kids, provide health care. This Republican spending goes right into the pocket of lawyers. Big-spending Republicans, on day one, spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money on a federal takeover of marriage and a lawyer stimulus — wrong foot to start off on.”

Watch the congressman's speech below.