State House Republicans during the news conference
WATCH: Alaska Republicans Laugh at Reporter Who Asks About Gay Couples

By Lucas Grindley

Originally published on February 17 2013 11:32 AM ET

State Republican lawmakers in Alaska had a good laugh after a reporter asked whether they'd support recognizing same-sex couples' relationships.

Mark Miller of the Juneau Empire is shown in video of the moment asking the question: "I was just curious, would the caucus support the idea of having domestic partnerships or civil unions open to same-sex couples?"

Then the giggles begin.

LGBT people are not included in the state's hate crimes law, or with an anti-discrimination law for the workplace or housing. No law addresses LGBT needs from the foster care or adoption system. And the law explictly limits recognition of couples to "one man and one woman."

The reporter's question is prefaced by results of a recent Public Policy Polling survey that found 67% of Alaskans support some form of legal recognition, while not quite ready for marriage. On whether same-sex couples should be allowed to wed, 51% said no, while 43% said yes.

But if you ask that same question to state Republicans, you just get a big laugh. Watch the video below. (h/t to Towleroad)