Minneapolis Church Celebrates Marriage Equality With Rainbow Communion Bread

By Sunnivie Brydum

Originally published on Advocate.com May 20 2013 12:11 PM ET

While some religious organizations are digging in their heels in opposition to marriage equality, one church in Minneapolis found a bright and tasty way to celebrate the state's recent enactment of same-sex marriage.

Revolution Church served its congregants rainbow-colored communion bread during its service on Sunday, reports the New York Daily News

"So many people have been hurt by the church and by Christianity," the Reverend Jay Bakker told the News. "But this was a beautiful moment."

Photojournalist Courtney Perry reportedly baked the rainbow-swirled loaf early Sunday morning, first thinking of the idea when the state House approved marriage equality May 9. Perry, who is straight, told the News that she and her spouse, Tony Jones, served the same rainbow communion cake at their commitment ceremony in July 2011. 

"We didn't want to get legally married when our friends couldn't," Perry explained.

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