Republican governor Paul Lepage, who opposes marriage equality
Maine GOP Still Officially Opposes Marriage Equality

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on April 28 2014 3:52 PM ET

The Maine Republican Party updated its platform over the weekend to reiterate its opposition to marriage equality, even though the state has had legal marriage rights for same-sex couples for more than a year.

In addition to declaring its aim to put an end to Common Core education standards, the state's GOP also said it viewed a marriage as strictly a union between one man and one woman, the Associated Press reports. The platform states that the family "is the foundation of a stable society, therefore the government should not interfere, but rather support and protect the integrity and rights of the family."

In 2009, Maine's government enacted a law that would establish marriage equality, signed by Gov. John Baldacci. However, the law did not go into effect, as a voter initiative to repeal it won 53 percent of the vote. But a pro-equality coalition put the question back on the ballot in 2012, and voters approved a new law to reestablish marriage rights for same-sex couples. A month after voters approved the law at the ballot box, a poll showed that 78 percent of respondents said allowing same-sex marriages had no effect on them, according to Freedom to Marry.