HRC captured the scope of NOM's March for Marriage.
Twitter, HRC Mock 'Crowd' at NOM's March for Marriage

By Sunnivie Brydum

Originally published on June 19 2014 1:02 PM ET

The National Organization for Marriage's much-touted March for Marriage descended on Washington, D.C., today, supposedly featuring thousands of Americans who support what the group calls "traditional marriage," between one man and one woman. 

But despite a full-court press from NOM and its antigay allies encouraging Americans to stand up against the so-called gay agenda, it appears the actual turnout at the march is less than massive. Nevertheless, the organization is live-streaming today's event, which can be watched live here.

LGBT activists are already hijacking NOM's Twitter hashtag #March4Marriage, and even the Human Rights Campaign joined in to openly mock the meager attendance at the supposed morality rally: 

What the crowd actually looks like at today's #March4Marriage:

— HumanRightsCampaign (@HRC) June 19, 2014

Here are some of our favorite responses to HRC's tweet showing the scope of the "crowd," along with some of the snarkiest pro-LGBT comments on the highjacked #March4Marriage hashtag:

@HRC About the same as those who showed up to overthrow Obama last time.

— Kevin Stern (@Atherworld) June 19, 2014

@HRC I hope the tens of people who showed up enjoy all that D.C. has to offer.

— S. Brothers-McGrew (@SteveKZ087) June 19, 2014

That's at least eleventy million people. RT @HRC: What the crowd actually looks like at today's #March4Marriage:

— Danielle Lannister (@DCPlod) June 19, 2014

@RightWingWatch @ohiomail I've seen more people in a walmart on a Sunday than the #March4Marriage has on the Mall right now.

— bushonomics (@bushonomics) June 19, 2014

@InternetEh anti-freedom #March4Marriage is holding their party on Juneteenth...a holiday about freedom. sooo ironic. heh.

— ¡ viva Terri ! (@shortstack81) June 19, 2014

@HRC How many of these folks just wanted a free bus ride to DC? This is so laughable it is hard to take them serious.

— Mark Koch (@staroflifeEmt01) June 19, 2014

@HRC can't wait to see the photoshop version

— Gary T McIntire (@GarySnapsU) June 19, 2014

@GarySnapsU @HRC This will be their fake version:

— Blaine Stewart (@BlaineStewart) June 19, 2014

BTW, Sen.Ruben Diaz offered free bus rides to DC to “visit the monuments” -never mentioned NOM rally #March4Marriage

— Andrés Duque (@Blabbeando) June 19, 2014

Every @GOP leader needs to look at the few dozen people at NOM's #March4Marriage. Why pander to so few? They're a political liability.

— Jimmy LaSalvia (@JimmyLaSalvia) June 19, 2014

#March4Marriage is what a pro-segregation rally must have seemed like in 1965

— Oliver Willis (@owillis) June 19, 2014

I've been to bigger cat birthday parties. #March4Marriage

— Gabe Ortíz (@TUSK81) June 19, 2014

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