Antigay 14-Year-Old Says Obama Made His Former Friends Gay

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on June 06 2012 4:44 PM ET

A 14-year old talk show host is proving to be the next Bryan Fischer, spouting off that homosexuality is a "belief," and that he is disgusted by it.

"The person is not born that way, no matter what Lady Gaga says," Caiden Cowger said in a video acquired by TMZ. He added that there must be at least 30 homosexual teenagers in his West Virginia county, and that it is "sickening" to him. He also said that he used to be friends with several peers who came out as gay, and that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are responsible for making his peers gay.

Video of Cowger's rant was initially posted on YouTube, but removed due to the website's policies against hate speech.

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