Rent Star Anthony Rapp: There's Darkness Ahead if Romney Is Elected

By Jeremy Kinser

Originally published on July 25 2012 7:44 PM ET

Anthony Rapp, who became a star with the Pulitzer Prize-winning AIDS-themed musical Rent, shares his conversations with LGBT youth and speaks out against presidential hopeful Mitt Romney in a new video.

The actor notes that Massachusetts had once been on the forefront of empowering LGBT youth by providing programs and services to them "until Mitt, by executive order, abolished the LGBT Youth Commission." He also recounts a story told by one young gay man whose father encouraged him to commit suicide.

"Mitt was governor of Massachusetts at a time when HIV/AIDS care was growing dramatically so how was it that during his time as governor he saw a fourth consecutive year of cuts in funding for HIV/AIDS care?" Rapp asks. "I'm convinced we are only headed toward darkness ... if Mitt Romney is in the White House."

Watch the video, filmed on behalf of MittGetsWorse, below.