Sen. Lindsey Graham, Bruce M. Carroll Jr.
Gay Conservative Blogger Weighs Challenging Lindsey Graham for Senate

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on March 12 2013 3:49 PM ET

The founder of GOProud and GayPatriot blogger Bruce M. Carroll Jr. announced that he would step down from his current duties as vice chairman of the organization to consider a bid against Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Carroll, a gay conservative, made the announcement on his blog Monday. He is planning to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference this week as a blogger—not as a founder of GOProud—but will spend the next several weeks considering a bid against the longtime senator. Though Carroll does agree with many of Graham's stances, he said there are enough differences that may warrant a senate seat challenge.

“I think we need a senator that respects the limits of the federal government and is not part of the problem,” he said to the Wall Street Journal. “I also think that he’s been way to willing to compromise with President Obama.”

Carroll lives with his partner in South Carolina with his partner of 13 years.