Archbishop of NY Applauds NFL Hopeful Michael Sam for Coming Out

By Jase Peeples

Originally published on March 08 2014 6:04 PM ET

Leader of the Catholic Church in New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, praised gay NFL hopeful Michael Sam in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press for the athlete’s recent decision to publicly come out of the closest.

“Good for him,” Dolan said when asked about Sam’s groundbreaking decision to reveal his sexuality before being drafted into the NFL. “I would have no sense of judgment on him.”

“The same Bible that…teaches us well about the virtues of chastity and fidelity and marriage also tells us not to judge people,” Dolan added. “So I would say, bravo.”

The cardinal’s interview is scheduled to air on NBC’s Meet the Press. Dolan isn't exactly known for this sort of rhetoric, having been named to The Advocate's annual Phobies list as recently as last year. But it seems a closer match with the tone set by Pope Francis, known for saying "If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?"

Watch a clip featuring Dolan’s comments on Sam in the video below.

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