Reigning Miss Universe Says Trans Women Should Have Beauty Pageants of Their Own

By Jase Peeples

Originally published on November 14 2013 7:02 PM ET

Recently crowned Miss Universe 2013 and former Miss Venezuela, Gabriela Isler, revealed she believes transgender women should not be allowed to compete for the title of Miss Universe, but should instead have pageants of their own, reports Huffington Post.

"They should have their own pageant, I think, and maybe they can realize in this pageant, Miss Universe, or the other pageants [were] made for women," she said during an interview with Huff Post Live. "They are... they have the opportunity, but I think that they have to compete with the same... the same team. Right?"

Isler’s statement does not reflect the Miss Universe Pageant’s current non-discrimination policy, which was updated in 2012 when transgender contestant Jenna Talackova sued after being disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada contest. The Miss Universe organization was quick to respond with Donald Trump, who runs the organization, allowing Talackova to compete in the contest. Talackova went on to became the first-ever transgender contestant to compete in the Miss Universe Canada pageant, secure a top 12 finalist spot, and became one of four women who shared the title of Miss Congeniality.

 Watch a clip from Isler’s interview below.