Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano, and Carnie Wilson
Wilson Phillips Singer Makes Transphobic Comment on CBS's The Talk, Apologizes

By Parker Marie Molloy

Originally published on May 06 2014 11:24 AM ET

On Monday's episode of CBS's The Talk, singer and television personality Carnie Wilson rattled a few cages after accusing Donald Sterling's companion V. Stiviano of being transgender, repeatedly referring to her as a man, and calling Stiviano "a he."

"This is going to sound really weird, but I was watching that tape," the Wilson Phillips singer said in reference to Stiviano's interview on ABC's 20/20. "First of all, it's so uncomfortable. I'm annoyed when I watch it. I think she's a 'he.'"

The studio audience — as well as a number of the panelists — began laughing, but cohost Aisha Tyler was quick to provide a disclaimer, saying, "This is Carnie's opinion, not the opinion of the CBS Corporation or its affiliates."

Wilson continued, saying, "There's a lot of plastic surgery, then she's like, 'I'm his right-hand man.' Man. Am I crazy to think that? OK. Whatever."

Wilson updated her Twitter account shortly after the show aired, contending that her comment was misunderstood, though she did not clarify what else she could have meant by calling Stiviano a man.

Today on @TheTalk_CBS I made a comment that was misunderstood about Donald Sterling's assistant. I LOVE EVERYONE- gay, straight, trans.

— Carnie Wilson (@CarnieWilson) May 5, 2014

My heart feels heavy thinking that I offended some ppl saying that V looked like a man. Plz know I meant nothing ill or derogatory. Truth.

— Carnie Wilson (@CarnieWilson) May 5, 2014

On Tuesday afternoon, Wilson made an effort to clarify her comments further, engaging the author of this piece on Twitter

Wilson said her comments were intended to critique Stiviano's support for Sterling even after he launched into his racist diatribe. The comment about Stiviano's appearance was intended as a joke about the amount of plastic surgery Stiviano has apparently undergone, Wilson said.

In subsequent tweets, Wilson reaffirmed that she is not "phobic" towards anyone, and as the victim of bullying throughout her life, she holds no ill-will toward anyone. 

See the conversation between the Advocate's trans issues correspondent and Wilson below: 

@ParkerMolloy @gewt ok so Support a woman "full of class who supports a racist asshole" Makes no sense. But I'm not phobic anything.

— Carnie Wilson (@CarnieWilson) May 6, 2014

@CarnieWilson Oh, hi, Carnie. Can you clarify what you meant by your initial comments, though? What exactly did you mean by "she's a he?"

— Parker Marie Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) May 6, 2014

I've been bullied and ridiculed my ENTIRE life. I wouldn't want 2 hurt anyone. I said my comment as a joke. Let's look at more horrid (cont)

— Carnie Wilson (@CarnieWilson) May 6, 2014

Issues like the fact that she supports a racist. THAT is something to be upset about. I can't stress enough- I'm not phobic anything.

— Carnie Wilson (@CarnieWilson) May 6, 2014

.@CarnieWilson Can you please clarify what the "I think she's a man" joke was supposed to mean?

— Parker Marie Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) May 6, 2014

@ParkerMolloy because I think the entire situation with him and this women is so offensive - that she supports him - I was really referring

— Carnie Wilson (@CarnieWilson) May 6, 2014

To what the over plastic surgery had done to her face. No way, shape or form trying to offend the transgender community.

— Carnie Wilson (@CarnieWilson) May 6, 2014

@CarnieWilson Okay, so, to be clear, you were not joking that she is "really a man?" I guess Im still struggling to understand the punchline

— Parker Marie Molloy (@ParkerMolloy) May 6, 2014

@ParkerMolloy the punch line is she had overdone plastic surgery that made her look masculine - not everyone has same sense of humor (cont)

— Carnie Wilson (@CarnieWilson) May 6, 2014

@ParkerMolloy not meant to offend

— Carnie Wilson (@CarnieWilson) May 6, 2014

In the wake of Sterling's racist comments and subsequent lifetime ban from the NBA, a common theme on Twitter has been users referring to Stiviano using transphobic slurs, seemingly unaware of the irony involved using problematic language to decry Sterling's bigotry.

See a sampling of the transphobic trend used to berate Stiviano on Twitter below:

#DonaldSterling 's side bitch looks like a tranny

— 〽️ahi (@toolucrative) April 30, 2014

#DonaldSterling're girlfriend looks like an Asian Tranny.....oops....was that a racist statement?

— Michael McKinney (@kinmack) April 30, 2014

That broad looks like a straight tranny though hahahaha #DonaldSterling

— Benny Blue (@bennyblueeyes) April 30, 2014

That chick is a tranny! #abc2020 #DonaldSterling

— Kelley Allen (@KellsLuvMJ) May 3, 2014

When I'm about to go on a diabolical, racist, hate-filled rant,I ask my tranny girlfriend to record it to capture the magic #DonaldSterling

— paulyballgame (@paulyballgame) April 30, 2014

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