PHOTOS: San Diego Pride

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Originally published on July 22 2014 6:44 AM ET

The 40th annual San Diego Gay Pride Parade saw hundreds of thousands turn out to celebrate and just have a good time. Photos by Jonathan Luke O'Brien.

OK, guys, your dogs are going to be barking at the end of the day.

Native rainbow game rituals.

Fishnet: It's always right for parades.

In a Pride trance moment.
Game of San Diego Thrones.

A.A.R.B. delegates (American Association of Retired Bears)

Yes, Mildred. Apparently there is a gay bar called The Eagle in every town that has a gay bar.

Stars, obviously.
Equine Pride?

No, no, no. I told you we needed more rehearsal. It's Y-M-C-A!

San Diego seems to have gotten much more sophisticated lately.

Hay there, boys!
Sister is carrying the message.

Is that one of the camping club tents? Cause we all want to go now.

Thanks for the good words, Sister.

Thanks, mom!
Looking good, ladies.

There's nothing like a dame.

Harem scarum.

We'll take one of whatever he's passing out.

Harnessed for action.

Historic and shirtless, all at once.

Parachuting in for Pride?

Mom lent me the dress.
Everybody sing now!

What Pride group is this again? We don't see you on the list.

Well, hello, daddy.

Very rectanguar panniers.
Foamy Pride.

Might makes right.

Celebrities from the Midwest.

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