Toddler Barred from Christian Pre-School For Having Gay Dads

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on July 31 2012 2:55 PM ET

A Christian school has rejected admission to a 3-year-old child because the his parents are a gay couple.

The parents told KOAT News that they wanted their son to have a good faith-based education, but Hope Christian School administrators in Albequerque, N.M., told them that "Same-gender couples are inconsistent with scriptural lifestyle and biblical teachings," and that the child's home life doesn't reflect the school's vision of a Biblical family lifestyle."

The administrators argued that they could make such an exclusion because the school is private. However KOAT reports that the school will receive more than $61,000 from the federal government this year.

Watch the full KOAT report below:

School Rejects Student Because Parents Are Gay