Lesbian Alabama Pol Wants to Change State's Archaic Sex-Ed Laws

By Neal Broverman

Originally published on Advocate.com January 07 2013 7:23 PM ET

Patricia Todd, a state representative and Alabama's first out legislator, introduced a bill to change the state's sex-education policy so it no longer demonizes gay conduct or promotes abstinence-only practices.

Currently, Alabama sex-ed is guided by the legislature, not the Department of Education; Todd's bill would change that. The current sex-ed policy also includes lessons that homosexual behavior is socially unacceptable and illegal, while pushing for students to completely refrain from sex. While Alabama still has laws on the books criminalizing gay sex, they're unenforceable thanks to the Supreme Court's 2003 Lawrence v. Texas ruling. The state will consider expunging the laws later this month, though Todd says the old antigay laws are not why she pre-filed her bill.

"The Department of Education needs to be making those guidelines, not the Legislature," Todd told Alabama.com.

The Department of Education is not taking a formal position on Todd's bill. Read more here.