San Diego Judge Says Gay Jurors Shouldn't Have Been Struck From Jury

By Neal Broverman

Originally published on May 03 2012 7:29 PM ET

Superior Court judge Joan Weber (pictured) told San Diego's assistant city attorney that he erred when he struck gay jurors from a case involving people protesting California's Prop. 8.

Six defendants remain charged for allegedly blocking operations at a county clerk's office during a 2010 protest against California's ban on same-sex marriage (three accepted a deal).

While proceeding with jury selection on the case, the prosecutors struck gay jurors, including one who said he protested in support of LGBT rights. Weber called the move "shocking" and ordered all the chosen jurors struck. California has a law that makes it illegal to strike someone from a jury just because they are LGBT. Weber is urging the city attorney's office to reduce the charges from misdemeanors to infractions.

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