Lisa Miller (left) kidnapped daughter Isabella and moved to Latin America to prevent Janet Jenkins (right) from sharing custody of their daughter.
Liberty and Others Hit With RICO Lawsuit Over Lesbian Custody Case

By Diane Anderson-Minshall

Originally published on August 15 2012 1:30 PM ET

The conviction yesterday of Rev. Kenneth Miller — the Mennonite pastor who helped Lisa Miller flee the country with her child instead of transferring custody to her former partner, Janet Jenkins, as the courts had ordered — wasn't the only development in the case. According to Right Wing Watch, Jenkins has now filed a hefty civil RICO lawsuit against Miller as well as Liberty University Law School and Thomas Road Baptist Church, all of whom allegedly played a role in helping Lisa Miller kidnap her daughter and abscond to Nicaragua, where she's thought to be living with now-10-year-old Isabella.

Among the more interesting sections of the lawsuit, which you can read here on RWW, are allegations that "Lisa Miller's attorneys Mathew Staver and Rena Lindevaldsen routinely instructed their Law School students that the correct course of action for a person in Lisa Miller's situation would be to engage in 'civil disobedience' and defy court orders" and that several religious leaders essentially did the same, calling for "Christian civil disobedience" around the case.

Read the full lawsuit.