DADT Status: Sen. Armed Services Committee

By Editors

Originally published on April 30 2010 1:28 PM ET

As activists and pro-repeal legislators push for movement on repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” The Advocate looks at where each of U.S. Senators who sit on the Senate Armed Services Committee indicate they stand on the issue.  Sen. Carl Levin:Bill Sponsor (D - Michigan)DADT CARL LEVIN X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Joseph Lieberman:Bill Sponsor (I - Connecticut)JOE LIEBERMAN X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Jack Reed:Supporter (D - Rhode Island)DADT JACK REED X390 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Robert Byrd: Unknown (D - West Virginia)DADT ROBERT BYRD X390 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Daniel Akaka: Unknown, Possible Supporter (D - Hawaii)DANIEL AKAKA X390 GETTY | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Bill Nelson:Undecided, Assumed Supporter (D - Florida)DADT BILL NELSON X180 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Ben Nelson:Unknown (D - Nebraska)DADT BEN NELSON X390 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Evan Bayh: Unknown (D- Indiana)Evan Bayhx180 (US Senate) | Advocate.comSen. Jim Webb:Undecided (D - Virginia)DADT JIM WEBB X390 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Claire McCaskill:Supporter (D - Missouri)DADT CLAIRE MCCASKILL X390 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Mark Udall:Supporter (D -Colorado)DADT MARK UDALL X180 GETTY | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Kay Hagan:Supporter  (D - North Carolina)DADT KAY HAGAN X180 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Mark Begich:Supporter (D- Alaska)DADT MARK BEGICH X180 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Roland Burris: Supporter  (D- Illinois)DADT ROLAND BURRIS X390 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Ted Kaufman: Undecided (D- Delaware)DADT EDWARD KAUFMAN X390 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. John McCain:Opponent (R- Arizona)DADT JOHN MCCAIN X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Jeff Bingaman: Supporter (D - New Mexico)DADT JEFF BINGAMAN X180 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. James Inhofe: Undecided, Assumed Opposition (R - Oklahoma)INHOFE x390 (GETTY) I ADVOCATE.COMSen. Saxby Chambliss:Opponent (R - Georgia)DADT SAXBY CHAMBLISS X390 GETTY | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Lindsay Graham:Undecided (R - South Carolina)Lindsey Graham X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMSen. John Thune: Undecided (R - South Dakota)DADT JOHN THUNE X180 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Roger Wicker: Opponent (R - Mississippi)DADT ROGER WICKER X180 OFFICIAL | GETTYSen. George LeMieux:Undecided (R - Florida)DADT GEORGE LAMIEUX X180 OFFICIAL | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Scott Brown:Undecided  (R - Massachusetts)Scott Brown x390 (Getty) I Advocate.comSen. Richard Burr: Undecided, Assumed Opposition (R - North Carolina)DADT RICHARD BURR X390 GETTY | ADVOCATE.COMSen. Susan Collins:Supporter (R - Maine)DADT SUSAN COLLINS X390 GETTY | ADVOCATE.COMSen. David Vitter: Undecided, Assumed Opposition (R - Louisiana)