Former Worley Church Goer Saddened But Not Surprised by Homophobia

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on May 23 2012 3:44 PM ET

A lesbian who has attended multiple sermons at Rev. Charles Worley's church in North Carolina since the 1980s said that the antigay pastor's violent words are typical of his views.

"I recall, as a younger person, listening to those kind of comments on an occasion or two," she told journalist David Pakman. She added, "I'm saddened but I'm not surprised."

After coming out, the woman said stopped attending services, but still has family members who frequent the Providence Road Baptist Church.

Earlier this week a video went viral of Rev. Worley saying that lesbians and "queers and the homosexuals" should be rounded up, placed in camps surrounded by electric fences and left to die "so the won't reproduce." He claimed he wouldn't vote for a "baby killer and a homosexual lover," meaning President Obama, who voiced his support for marriage equality earlier this month.

Watch the interview with the woman, who chose not to be identified, below: