Does Phil Jackson Think Gay People Don't Exist in the NBA?

By Neal Broverman

Originally published on April 03 2013 3:25 PM ET

Phil Jackson, the celebrated former coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, gave a strange response when asked about whether professional basketball should be more accepting of gay players.

During a roundtable of sports professionals hosted by The Huffington Post, a question came in about whether organizations, players, and athletes should be more inclusive of gay athletes and LGBT people in general.

"That's a ridiculous question," Jackson said. "I mean none of us have probably ever seen in it in all our careers. There's no inclusivity to be had."

When asked by the moderator whether Jackson was saying there are no gay athletes in the NBA, Jackson said, "Never run into it in all my career."

The retired coach could have been referring to an athlete coming out while still playing in the NBA, which indeed has never happened before.