NFL's Fitzgerald: Gay Discrimination Bill Has 'No Place In Society'

By Michelle Garcia

Originally published on March 02 2014 2:19 PM ET

Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald said he was positive that Gov. Jan Brewer would veto the bill that would have allowed business owners to deny service to any one on the basis of their religious beliefs.

Fitzgerald said the bill was especially doomed because it may have prompted the NFL to change the location of the next Super Bowl, which is slated to take place in Glendale, Ariz.

"I had a strong feeling it would've been vetoed," Fitzgerald said to USA Today. "It's good that it was, obviously. With the Super Bowl coming, or any event like that, I think it just doesn't have any place in our society. I'm happy that it's behind us now."

As of now, Super Bowl XLIX will still take place at University of Phoenix Stadium, where the Cardinals play.