A Kiss-In, for All Those Michael Sam Haters

By Advocate.com Editors

Originally published on Advocate.com May 20 2014 6:30 AM ET

After pundits far and wide railed against Michael Sam's celebratory kiss with his boyfriend after Sam was drafted into the NFL earlier this month, writer and activist Michelangelo Signorile decided to launch the "Great Facebook Kiss-In," a social media event to promote images of people of the same sex kissing.

"Maybe it's you and your husband or wife, or your partner or sweetheart, or you and a friend," he wrote last week for The Huffington Post. "Maybe it's your dad and your dad, or your mom and your mom. Maybe it's two other people you just like a lot or think are hot. Your favorite celebrities, whatever."

Here are a handful of the results.

Showing the haters that love never stops, never backs down. #KissIn #loveislove pic.twitter.com/3fdgvLCYcc

— Charles Rios (@RuralJuror13) May 19, 2014

The human right to #KissIn everywhere @HRC @EqualityRising_ @IHateHomophobia @SocialLore @MSignorile NO #HOMOPHOBIA pic.twitter.com/02GMzA2ZyS

— RememBarilla (@RememBarilla) May 17, 2014

@huffpostgay #kissin pic.twitter.com/BpHSKzFmVN

— Loving Lesbian. (@SheLikesItWhen1) May 14, 2014

#kissin pic.twitter.com/ubnLlozJrK

— Steve Ledoux (@SteveLedoux) May 15, 2014

The best dads a girl could ever ask for getting married by the #HarveyMilk statue at San Francisco city hall #KissIn pic.twitter.com/Tpf8BHquS2

— Sarah Shenanigans (@SarahSB930) May 14, 2014

RT @rjaywilks: #KissIn Second Male couple to be married in the State of Arkansas May 10, 2014 (Eureka Springs) pic.twitter.com/gn9U84498m

— Mike Signorile (@MSignorile) May 15, 2014

Me 'n my husband...#kissIn...at our 5th wedding. #MichaelSam, we got ur back. pic.twitter.com/rINoFqg6vY

— Roger Ian Rosen (@Rogeronimo_com) May 15, 2014

#KISSIN We get married in 1 month! Great idea @MSignorile! Good luck @MichaelSamNFL! We support you! pic.twitter.com/Fd2VbB2Hd5

— John Blair (@johnblairindc) May 14, 2014

MT @bpt326: Jason and I at Machu Picchu. Join @MSignorile #KissIn in support of @MichaelSamNFL & @Vitcamm #LGBT pic.twitter.com/yGlXMUcsls

— Mike Signorile (@MSignorile) May 14, 2014

#kissin in front of Mormon Temple NYC. Photo by @JoeMyGod pic.twitter.com/QxEAkirwpR

— farmboyz (@farmboyz) May 14, 2014

#KissIn with my man and @eltonjohndotcom right behind us. pic.twitter.com/9sypxx8CF1

— Azariah Southworth (@AzariahSpeaks) May 14, 2014

#Kissin pic.twitter.com/vU0p7K5WEf

— Dan McLellan (@danmclellan) May 14, 2014