Michael Sam's Adorable Instagram Moments

By Annie Hollenbeck

Originally published on Advocate.com June 17 2014 5:03 AM ET

Michael Sam was signed by the Rams last week, no doubt proving himself to be a powerful force on the Rams' defensive line. Still, Sam continues to show on social media that he is more than just a gridiron beast. Here are the 10 most adorable things Michael Sam did on Instagram this year:

That time he showed off his guns:



That time he went wine tasting:



That time his dog took a nap:

That time he caught his Mizzou teammate snacking:



That time he and his fellow Tigers won the Cotton Bowl:



That time he and his boyfriend dressed alike:



Or that time they made this face:

That time he met Robin Roberts:



And those times he gave back:




Annie Hollenbeck