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Italy: Town Must Recognize Gay Marriage Performed in U.S.

By Lucas Grindley

Originally published on Advocate.com April 10 2014 1:13 PM ET

A court in the Tuscan city of Grosseto has ordered a major first for Italy, with the town told it must recognize the marriage of two men.

The couple — Stefano Bucci and Stefano Chigiotti — were married in the United States in 2012, AFP reports, and sought recognition in their own country. Marriage equality is not legal in Italy, and the influence of the Catholic Church there is significant. Already the president of the Italian Bishops Conference has condemned the ruling, according to The Local.

Angelo Bagnasco said in a statement that the ruling would “sweep away the fundamental pillars of the institution of marriage,” according to The Local.

Reuters reports that Grosseto's state prosecutors' office plans to appeal the ruling. But LGBT activists are still praising this as a milestone for equality.