Shirts worn in protest
High School Bans Shirts Supporting LGBT Equality, Calls Them 'Disruptive'

By Lucas Grindley

Originally published on November 01 2012 2:37 PM ET

Pro-equality shirts are off limits at one Ohio high school, according to Think Progress.

It was Twin Day at Celina High School when two students showed up with shirts identifying them as "Lesbian 1" and "Lesbian 2." Administrators ordered the students to take off the shirts.

So the next day other students showed up wearing homemade shirts with rainbows and slogans such as "Straight But Supportive." Those too were banned.

Superintendent Jesse Steiner referred to the shirts as "a disruption of the educational process," according to ThinkProgress, and he said the student handbook prohibits "drawing undue attention to yourself."

Other Celina students say the school hasn't banned pro-Mitt Romney shirts and "Students for Life" shirts about abortion. And the ACLU Ohio is now involved.

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