READ: Dad's Touching Facebook Post in Defense of His Son's Princess DVD

By Sunnivie Brydum

Originally published on April 16 2013 5:47 PM ET

Thanks to being posted on Reddit, a Facebook post from a dad who sided with his son when the toddler asked for a copy of Disney's animated series about a princess, Sofia the First, has gone viral. 

The father, whose name has been redacted, recounts how he was standing in line at Walmart with his son when a display advertising Sofia the First caught the child's eye. After initially telling his son the family already had plenty of movies at home, a man in another line imposed some harsh gender-policing, telling the child, "You don't want to grow up like a mommy, you want to grow up to be like daddy."

That's when the boy's dad stepped in, replying, "Actually, I just want him to grow up to be whatever he is supposed to be … and if that's a boy that likes princess movies, then great."

The bystander, who the father simply labels "Moron," then gets outright explicit in warning the father that his son might turn out "funny" — you know, he might like boys. 

The dad's quippy response? "And I'd love him just as much … and he'd probably smell better as a teenager."

Then an elderly woman in line behind the family offers the icing on the cake.

Check out the entire exchange, via Reddit, right here: