Reasons to Have Pride in 2012, Part 1

We came out, we saw ourselves in media, and we conquered hearts and minds in the last year. From major wins to small victories, here is the first of four parts of 181 reasons to feel proud of not being straight and narrow.

BY Advocate Contributors

May 15 2012 5:00 AM ET


Because we’ve got marriage momentum

New York. Washington. Maryland. Pro–marriage equality governors and state legislators have given the movement a 3-for-3 scorecard in recent months, bringing the number of states that recognize marriage rights for same-sex couples to eight (plus the District of Columbia, which passed marriage legislation in 2010). Yes, some of the state gains still face fights at the ballot box come November, and no, none of those awful measures is necessarily doomed to fail. But the push for marriage rights on the state level reflects both the rapidly growing acceptance of marriage equality by the general public as well as the realization among politicians that the issue is hardly the third rail it once was.

Above: Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire (center) celebrates after signing marriage equality legislation into law at the state capitol February 13.