POLL: More Than 60 Percent of Republicans Oppose Marriage Equality

POLL: Nearly 2 of 3 Republicans Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

The poll shows so many Americans support marriage equality that a conservative may not be able to win on the issue.

Thomas Roberts Quits Hosting Miss USA Pageant Over Donald Trump's Anti-Mexican Rant
July 01 2015 2:01 PM ET

Thomas Roberts Quits Hosting Miss USA Over Trump's Rant

The billionaire's claim that Mexicans are criminals and rapists has cost him both broadcasting and business exposure, as NBC and Macy's cut ties.

Scott Walker Wins Conservative Cred With His ‘Antigay Transition’

Scott Walker's ‘Antigay Transition’ Hailed by Conservatives

The Wisconsin governor is calling for a constitutional amendment to let states ban same-sex marriage, saving his reputation with the far right.

WATCH: What Does Jon Stewart Think of Republican Reaction to Marriage Equality? 'Voldemort Has Risen'

Jon Stewart Compares Antigay Republicans to Voldemort

Not only are a majority of Republicans against marriage equality, as Jon Stewart points out, many think it's the worst thing ever.

POLL: New GOP Survey Shows Strongest Support Yet for Marriage Equality

POLL: More Republicans Than Ever Support Marriage Equality

More and more Republicans are favoring marriage equality, according to this newest voter poll.

WATCH: Is a Man's Body Meant to Be Penetrated? Asks Right-Wing Activist

WATCH: Is a Man's Body Meant to Be Penetrated? Asks Right-Wing Activist

The former Texas Republican Party chair took interviewer David Shuster aback with her remark.

Rick Santorum Argues Heterosexual Parents Are a ‘Birthright’

Rick Santorum: Heterosexual Parents Are a ‘Birthright’

The archconservative seeking the GOP presidential nomination believes 'the breakdown of the nuclear family' is to blame for America's troubles.

LGBT Republican Group Makes Caitlyn Jenner Its Poster Woman

LGBT Republicans Claim Caitlyn Jenner Cover for L.A. Pride

The Los Angeles chapter of Log Cabin Republicans displayed Jenner's image at L.A. Pride last weekend, bringing some criticism from Democrats.

14 Presidential Candidates the GOP Could Pick If It Weren't So Antigay

14 Republican Candidates We Might Actually Vote For

While the Republican primary contest seems to be a competition for who can be most homophobic, there are some supportive voices in the GOP.

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