News from within the borders of Russia and the fight for LGBT equality there. The country's president, Vladimir Putin, ignited an international firestorm in the summer after signing the so-called gay propaganda law, which prohibits positive depictions of LGBT people in the Russian media. Russia is a country in southern Eurasia. It is also the world's largest country, although it ranks eighth most populous. Russia has a rich cultural heritage, and has contributed such figures as Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Anton Chekhov, Anna Pavlova, and Igor Stravinsky.
WATCH: Buddy Cole of 'Kids in the Hall' Probes Russia's Antigay Law
February 11 2014 12:35 PM ET

WATCH: Buddy Cole of Kids in the Hall Probes Russia's Antigay Law

Patrick Yacco

Appearing in character on The Colbert Report, actor Scott Thompson spoke with gay U.S. ambassador Dan Baer about the infamous statute.

NBC Criticized for Editing of Olympics Speech
February 10 2014 7:37 PM ET

NBC Criticized for Editing of Olympics Speech

Ran Aubrey Frazier

The network removed part of International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach's comments against discrimination.

Op-ed: Protecting All Kids
February 10 2014 7:00 AM ET

Op-ed: Protecting All Kids

Eliza Byard

The law that criminalizes LGBT propaganda is intended to protect youth from provocative messages. But LGBT kids here need protecting, too.

WATCH: Exclusive Interview With Janet Napolitano and U.S. Delegation in Sochi
February 08 2014 2:52 PM ET

Exclusive in Sochi: U.S. Delegation on Why They're There Editors

In partnership with United for Equality in Sports and Entertainment, The Advocate brings you interviews and coverage directly from Sochi.

WATCH: Irish Actor Gives Eminem Equality Makeover With 'Putin Rap'
February 07 2014 4:21 PM ET

WATCH: Irish Actor Gives Eminem Equality Makeover With 'Putin Rap'

Jase Peeples

Irish actor Dermot Magennis bombards Russia's homophobic president with f-bombs in 'The Putin Rap.'

WATCH: LGBT Russians Arrested, Antigay Protestors Undisturbed
February 07 2014 4:01 PM ET

WATCH: Russian Cops Detain LGBT, Not Antigay Protestors

Sunnivie Brydum

In two demonstrations in Moscow and St. Petersburg, LGBT activists were arrested for violating Russia's ban on so-called gay propaganda. Meanwhile, antigay demonstrators picketing in Sochi were ignored by police.

WATCH: The Shocking Film That Tells The Truth About Russia
February 07 2014 1:16 PM ET

WATCH: Shocking Film Tells The Truth About Russia

Lucas Grindley

With the Russian PR machine in high gear for the Olympics, this British documentary uncovers what's really happening to LGBT people.

WATCH: Chevrolet To Debut LGBT-Inclusive Ads During Olympics
February 07 2014 12:09 PM ET

WATCH: Chevrolet's LGBT-Inclusive Olympic Ads

Stacy Lambe

An new TV spot brings a first for Chevrolet

Op-ed: How Gay Can I Be In Sochi?
February 07 2014 7:30 AM ET

Op-ed: How Gay Can I Be In Sochi?

Ryan Howe

A student journalist heads to Sochi to cover the Winter Games, but he was a little worried about how he might be perceived.