What Are We Thankful For?

The news and culture that defines 2013 leaves a lot to be grateful for.



That We Don't Live In Uganda or Russia
Not that the United States is this perfect melting pot of acceptance and equality, but I’m thankful that we don’t live in Uganda. The LGBT people of Uganda have been living in fear of being publicly outed, persecuted, and put to death by vigilantes and government authorities for years. Even with international pressure on the Ugandan government, people like Sam Ganafa, the head of the LGBT advocate organization Spectrum Uganda, was arrested and charged with sodomy for seemingly no reason. Then on top of it, so much has happened to oppress LGBT people in Russia, through intimidation, criminal punishment, raids, and denying permits to public events. And sadly, we know that Russia and Uganda aren't the only places where LGBT people (and women, and minorities) are persecuted. More than 70 countries criminalize homosexuality in some form. So while the United States isn’t utopia, I'm glad it isn’t Russia or Uganda. —Michelle Garcia