Broadway's Nick Adams vs. New York Bar

Broadway's Nick Adams took to Twitter after he and his boyfriend were denied entry to a Manhattan nightclub for "not following dress code." Translation? They were gay. Cue Adams's fans bombarding the bar with complaints.



"I work with a group called Live Out Loud, I'm constantly doing work with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, so if they want to donate a check or cash to that, awesome. An apology letter that sort of makes it look like I was confused about what was happening is not what I was looking for."

Despite everything, Adams says he's shocked and thrilled at the response he's received from friends and fans.

"It's been tough times for [the gay community], and I think people are more sensitive now to little things like this that, in 2009, are just unacceptable. And especially with the help of the Internet -- we're a strong community, we have a lot of pride, and I think it's beautiful to see people I don't know back me up on this and say, 'We shouldn't have to deal with this.'"