Broadway's Nick Adams vs. New York Bar

Broadway's Nick Adams took to Twitter after he and his boyfriend were denied entry to a Manhattan nightclub for "not following dress code." Translation? They were gay. Cue Adams's fans bombarding the bar with complaints.




That seemed to make his fans even more mad -- between his Facebook and blog post, within a day, more than 100 people had weighed in, with some even posting photos from the Turtle Bay website of guys wearing white T-shirts. Then came an e-mail from the marketing and public relations manager for Turtle Bay, who reached out to Adams in response to complaints the bar had received in a letter the actor posted on his website.

"I feel terrible about this impression/misconception and want to do everything I can to rectify the situation as soon as possible," Kristi Paris wrote in the e-mail. "May I please invite you and your friends in as my guests for lunch/dinner and drinks on us? I'd love to meet you and your friends and have the chance to personally apologize for any negativity you experienced here."

In the letter, Paris reiterated the club's dress code and suggested Adams and his boyfriend might have even been denied entry because the club was at capacity. She made no mention of the people who were allowed into the club wearing white T-shirts.

Paris told that the no white T-shirt rule has been in place since "around April, " and that she isn't surprised to find that photos of people wearing white shirts in the club are available online. She said the rule is enforced to prevent people from showing up that the bar in Hanes undershirt type tee's.

She added that she personally reached out to Adams because "the last thing I'd want someone to associate with a place I worked for is that it might be homophobic."

Adams says that while he appreciates Paris's attempt to make amends, inviting Adams and his friends to a bar where they'll eventually spend money isn't quite what he had in mind.