Do you have any recommendations for people who want to send something in? Anything you’re particularly looking for?
My favorite stories are the ones where you don’t know where it’s going to go. One I posted today started off, “This story is about jealousy. And about seeing Joan Rivers.” And I thought, Awesome. I have no idea where this is going to go. My other favorites are stories from people in their 60s. A lot of them start with “The year was 1965,” and immediately you think about how that was a different world for gay people.

How many stories are you up to now?

Probably like 130.

One hundred thirty since February? That’s a lot.

Since March. March 24. Right now I’m publishing one a day.

Do you have a favorite piece on IFD?
When we hit 100 entries on the site, we had a contest to pick the best one. The winner was by J.R. Mortimer. It’s about him folding laundry, about to break up with his boyfriend. As he’s folding, he’s talking about all the articles of clothing, like, “Oh, you bought me this shirt when ... ” And then there’s a flashback. So it was a lot of little moments, all connected through the clothes. It was very well written, had a lot of anecdotes within one story, and it was short.

What’s the future of IFD, now that you’ve got the site up and the unemployment is running out? Book? TV Show? Deal with NPR?

I’m turning IFD into a book. I have an agent, and I’ve divided the stories I’ve chosen into sections, like “Love and Relationships,” “Coming Out,” “Family,” “Life Before 1970.” We’re submitting the proposal now. Wish me luck