Out100: The Activists Who Shaped 2013

The LGBT lawyers, doctors, activists, thinkers, and homecoming queens who changed the world.

BY Advocate Contributors

November 13 2013 9:00 AM ET


Greg Bourke, David Knapp, and Pascal Tessier
Boy Scouts of America
Photography by Danielle Levitt

From Out:

This trio embodies the contradictory state of the Boy Scouts of America’s gay policy: Knapp (middle) is a former district executive who was kicked out in 1993 when the organization learned he was gay; Bourke (left), who has two kids with his partner of 31 years, was an associate scoutmaster but is now forced to limit his involvement with his son’s troop; and Tessier (right), who came out in 8th grade, can stay active only until he turns 18.

Photographed at Fast Ashley’s Studio in Brooklyn, N.Y., on September 5, 2013