Come Out and Play

Missed another coming out day opportunity? Don’t worry! Our friends at The Out Traveler tell us how to celebrate this cherished annual ritual year round!



Take a VIP Tour of Very Important Places

On your travels,
don’t forget to visit the increasing number of
monuments to gay-related causes. There are more than a
dozen sites in existence or in advanced planning
stages where we can go and pay our respects to those
who have fought the battle, paved the way, or been lost in
the struggle against AIDS and persecution. In New
York? Don’t miss pop artist George
Segal’s 1979 sculpture Gay Liberation in
Sheridan Square. Commemorating the 1969 Stonewall riots that
kicked off the modern LGBT rights movement, it
features two same-sex couples, cast in bronze, on a
park bench. If you’re in Florida, take a moment to
acknowledge the more than 1,000 names inscribed on the flat
granite monuments of Key West AIDS Memorial, a tribute
to those who have loved Key West and who have died of
AIDS. If you’re sightseeing in Amsterdam, stop
by the city’s Homomonument. Unveiled in 1987, it
commemorates the suffering of gay men and lesbians
during the Third Reich but also acknowledges the
persecution endured by gay men and lesbians throughout

Make a Statement

Sometimes the
best way to replenish is to make a difference, and the LGBT
movement could certainly use your help. Campaign against
proposed antigay amendments in state capitals or
find other ways to lend your voice to gays demanding
justice. Where to start? You might try South Dakota,
Nebraska, or Virginia. All three states have banned same-sex
marriage, civil unions, and any marriage-like contract
between unmarried people. If you’re really
bold, consider traveling abroad to show solidarity with
queers in other countries. Joining a pride parade in Moscow
or Warsaw will open your eyes to the challenges we all

Lend a Hand

Can’t get
time away from your daily routine? Then make a difference
right where you are. Volunteer, meet people, and learn
more about our community at an LGBT festival. Pitch in
and join your local LGBT center or LGBT help line.
Sometimes you can cover the most distance just by traveling
across town.