Dear Son, We Love You



To Logan,

There was never any question in my mind that I would always love and cherish you as my son.  I was told by many that "yes, I would always love my son, but not the lifestyle," yet I knew that was not enough. I embarked on a high learning curve, understanding homosexuality took time, but as I learned more about human nature/makeup, my thought expanded. I was ever getting closer to feelings of "This is my child, he needs all the love and support he can get, and I need to truly accept who he is!"

I only wish 10 years ago I could have gone to a "private space" and been able to share my emotions with others. I needed to know about others’ stories and family lives: where there were REAL personal life stories. I needed to know how other parents processed coming to terms with their child’s orientation. As I sought understanding, solace came via friends and from books of families’ stories of love and acceptance. I went from the gut-wrenching feelings of fear of unknown for all of us to the baby steps of learning about it and coming to full term with the great realization that "This is my child, and he did not make this choice. He is who God made him to be!"


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