James says she
is heartened by the presidency of Barack Obama, and she certainly knows of
his promise to end “don't ask, don't tell" and lift the ban on gays in
the military. But she still views the situation as gloomy for American
gays and lesbians wishing to serve in the military. “My lawyer put it
well when she said that even if you change things in writing or on
paper, it’s much harder to change the attitudes people have,” she says.
she adds a few stern words of warning for young people who are
considering signing up for U.S. military service, gay or straight. “Think
very, very carefully before doing so. Be very wary of their promises of
cheap education and travel opportunities — everything comes with a price,
especially this job. I still can’t understand why my parents pushed me
so hard to join — Americans are strange. I’m like, ‘What the fuck? Why
would you want that for me?’”

James stays in touch with her family
and has posted a video on YouTube offering support to
soldiers in combat.