THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT ANNETTE BENING JULIANNE MOORE X390 (SUZANNE TENNER) | ADVOCATE.COMThe other crucial component of the film’s landmark status is that The Kids Are All Right is being released by Focus Features. Focus is a company that has demonstrated an enormous commitment to releasing smart, complex, and thoughtful gay movies. Unlike many Hollywood studios and mainstream distributors, Focus Features genuinely seems to care about the gay and lesbian community. And yes, these are the folks who brought us not just Brokeback Mountain but also Milk.

This is truly a landmark moment in lesbian film history. We've come so far. A big-budget film with major movie stars playing lesbian roles. It's absolutely fantastic that this film is coming out in 2010 — 25 years after Wolfe first went into business. We've been around long enough now to see our stories fully enter the mainstream.

I am personally enormously grateful for this; and also gratified — that Wolfe continues to fulfill our vital role in supporting the careers of lesbian filmmakers (and all our LGBT and straight filmmaker allies as well). We’re very proud to say that we first distributed Lisa Cholodenko’s short film The Dinner Party way back in 1997 (just before she made her big splash with High Art). Watching our filmmakers advance in their careers is the most rewarding aspect of our work.

I want to encourage everyone to get out to the movies on the July 9 weekend to support Lisa’s movie and send the message to the powers that be in Hollywood (and to Lisa): Thank you, and we want more.

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