25 Great Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts

It's not too late to get the father figure in your life a one-of-a-kind gift.



Vintage Movie-Inspired Posters
Pikselmatic artist Mikey Alcantara offers cheap, printable retro-inspired movie posters based on classic and cult films. Among the faves: Star Wars’ Carbonite Death Match is a best seller, and what dad won’t love the Rocky vs. Mr. T match? For five bucks, he sends you the art and you print it on anything you want. $5, Etsy.com/shop/pikselmatic

Gun Control
Just the way we like our guns: as functional resin art pieces. Toronto’s hip IMM Living, which curates works from folks around the globe, offers up this funky Duella Series Resin Gun Bookend. Price varies, IMM-Living.com


Smoker’s Delight
Skip the carton of cigs (ala The Breakfast Club) and get him Matchbook by Shahid Datawala, a tiny visual collection of 500 of the curious, hilarious, and visually stunning Indian matchbox covers from the collection of this Mumbai-based designer. $13.97, TaraBooks.com

Does He Have a Toddler? Then Prepare Him Now
Let’s say this isn’t your dad, but your husband who you are co-parenting a small child with. Prepare him for the kind of movies that will play in your home, car, and iPad endlessly for the next several years, but at least this one is about a little girl, her dad, and some magical animals. In The Littlest Pet Shop: Sweetest Pets (Shout! Factory), Blythe moves into the city with her single dad into an apartment above a pet shop where the pets can talk back. There’s a message about diversity, too, when the kid’s friends are a skunk, panda, mongoose, spaniel, and monkey. $12.96, Walmart.com

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