9 Tales of Young Love and Old Memories

Nine residents of Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing share stories of love from the past and present.



Rosie Blohm, 72

Rosie Blohm, 72, moved to Los Angeles more than 40 years ago, transplanting her life from the East Coast, along with her boyfriend at the time. But the honeymoon was short-lived. An argument resulted in her lover’s sudden departure, leaving Blohm alone and devastated.

“I couldn’t take it, because I was really, really in love with him,” Blohm says. “I tried to commit suicide. Then, somebody told me to get ahold of the Gay and Lesbian Center.”

At the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, a nonprofit dedicated to serving LGBT Angelenos, Blohm met the organization’s founder, Morris Kight. Sensing her needs, Kight recommended Blohm to a gay halfway house where he knew she could stay. She accepted his offer of housing. But although she had shelter, Blohm continued to be depressed over the breakup.

“Every time I walked out of the house, I started crying,” Blohm says. “I was really in love… and that’s when I found out about MCC.”

Founded by Rev. Troy Perry in 1968, the Metropolitan Community Church is a Christian denomination that specifically reaches out to LGBT people. There, Blohm found support.

“I found out that God is love, and love is for everyone, no matter what you are,” she says.

Her confidence restored, Blohm began to become active in her community. She joined the International Imperial Court System, one of the world’s oldest gay organizations, and rose to the high rank of empress. In recent years, she has also become a deacon in the Unity Fellowship Christ Church in Los Angeles.

Her personal life also began to flourish. She was introduced to a man named Robert by a mutual friend at a party. The two hit it off, and he escorted Blohm back to her apartment after the soiree.

“So he took me home to my place, my little room on the corner of Franklin and Highland … and we got it on,” Blohm says. “Three times. It was love at first sight.”

Rosie and Robert will be celebrating their 39th anniversary this October.