Going the Distance, Part 3

As the Los Angeles Marathon nears, The Advocate's resident marathoner is experiencing the onset of injury and fatigue.



Although my
T-cells are over 200 and my viral load is in the low
thousands, it turns out that I have developed a resistance
to some of my HIV medications. So now I am looking at
a change in meds. This is not such a problem, as there
are many new drugs that have recently become
available. I can remember a time when there were no
medications for HIV. I am more than confident this
will all work out for me.

On January 12, I
pushed myself to travel 300 miles west to Los Angeles
for a 23-mile run with the National AIDS Marathon Program. I
almost didn’t make it, but I remembered that I
was running for a cause. Even though I have raised
enough money for AIDS Project Los Angeles, I realized
that there are still people who are rooting for me,
including those at APLA, the National AIDS Marathon,
and people who watch my video blog, Run Shawnn Run. I
didn’t want to let them down, and I didn’t
want to let myself down.

To assuage my
lack of energy, I chose a slower-pace group, which ran at
16:30 per mile, and a run/walk ratio of 1:3 -- running one
minute and walking three minutes. I had not run with
this group before, so I got to meet some new people in
the training program.

Our 7 A.M.
training run was so chilly I could see the frost on my
breath. We ran through Griffith Park and past the Los
Angeles Zoo. By Mile 3, it began to warm up. We
proceeded out of the park into Glendale, passing by
DreamWorks Studio, at which point we lost one runner in our
group to a knee injury.

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