Going the Distance, Part 3

As the Los Angeles Marathon nears, The Advocate's resident marathoner is experiencing the onset of injury and fatigue.



There were many
runners in the training program who had dropped out
during training that day because of various injuries. I
was worried I would be one of them. The group
continued through Burbank, passing by Disney Studios.
As the run went on, I heard some members of my group
grumble about the length of the run, how tired they were,
and that they were ready to stop. I made no objections
about the run or the complaints of my fellow pace
group members. I could only feel grateful that I was
able to do the run.

Soon we were in
Toluca Lake, passing by some very beautiful houses.
Finally, we were on our way back to Griffith Park, with a
total run time of about 7 hours. I sustained no
injuries, just some soreness. I was quite proud of
myself for making it to and completing the run.

It’s now
less than two months until the Los Angeles Marathon.
I’m excited and nervous about it at the same
time. I have a 26-mile training run at the beginning
of February in Los Angeles. I still have to do my regular
maintenance runs. Somehow I will find the strength to get
through all of this and run the marathon as planned.

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