Going the Distance, Part 4

As training winds down for The Advocate's resident marathoner, he catches a second wind that pushes him closer to the finish line.



Matt, a handsome
bear cub, serenaded us along the route. He's as cute as
he can be, but I don't have a crush on him.
Besides, Matt already has a partner, who is developing
a musical tentatively titled Tap about Congressman
Larry Craig’s airport sex scandal.

This group was a
major morale booster for me, after having gone through a
period of being less than enthusiastic about running. I even
encountered a culinary windfall by running with them:
Our coach, Scott, treated us to sandwiches about
midway though the route and then post-run pizza.

The most joyous
part of the run was crossing the finish line, where I
received a medal for finishing the Celebration Run. It
reminded me of why I run: the euphoric rush of
crossing the finish line and having a medal placed
around my neck. I was also grateful that I didn't sustain
any injuries during this run, even though I was a bit
stiff and sore in my legs and hips for a couple of

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